Grafton Township Highway Commissioner

Independent | Huntley
I bring 15+ years experience as an excavating contractor and business owner, including budgets, estimating, personnel management, and public relations. I have extensive experience in snow removal, road construction, maintenance and storm water management. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Business and Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. I started with a shovel in my hand, have worked my way through every aspect of this business, and have an appreciation for the teamwork it requires. I enjoy being in the field operating heavy equipment, driving a truck and problem solving. At the same time, the budgets and office requirements are crucial to any successful business. I bring a hands-on approach to every job, and that will carry over to the way I run the highway department. I am a team player and I consider the crew I am working with to be part of a team. I will listen and evaluate all ideas that are brought to my attention and make the best decision possible.
Republican |
I have worked 8 years for the Grafton Township Highway Department, under the stewardship of Jack Freund, who has endorsed me. I have been a certified mechanic for 30 years and bring that knowledge and experience to the Highway Commissioner position.