McHenry County Clerk

Republican | Woodstock
Experience. I not only know all of the responsibilities of the County Clerk’s office, but I believe in being an active Clerk. I know from experience what is necessary to do the various requirements of the office. I know the time and hours that are required to conduct an election and I believe that if I expect staff to work the necessary hours, I must be willing to do the same.nMany years ago, when I was simply a “clerk” in the office, I was told by Vernon Kays, Sr., who was Clerk at the time, “to never forget that the customer, on the other side of the counter or on the phone, was paying my salary”. I have never forgotten this advice and I remind myself and my staff of this from time to time. I believe you are elected to serve the public and that is what I do. nn
Democrat | Woodstock
I believe I have a good work ethic, and I can save the county money. n