Prairie Grove Consolidated School District 46 Board

Voting will take place Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Voters will be able to select four candidates in this race. The four candidates with the most votes will be elected.

Winner in this race will be elected for a term of 4 years.

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What experiences do you have that make you a good candidate for office?
What are your top two or three priorities if elected?
Would you support freezing your taxing district’s levy until housing prices rebound? Why or why not?
What one decision by the school board do you most disagree with and why?
What was the biggest accomplishment of the board in the past year?
Why should voters elect you to office?
Independent | Oakwood Hills
Having lived into the district since 1986 and having two children currently attending Prairie Grove School, we have enjoyed the many benifits a smaller school. I have worked in the Insurance industry for over 30 years, with many years of experience performing contract analysis, negiotiation including evaluation of potential expsoures to be considered. I believe it is critical to be flexible and openminded to all needs.I am running for office with 3 other vested community members; John Bowman, Margaret Ponga and Rick Salvo.
Independent |
I have lived in the community for 23 years family going through Prairie Grove School. I come from an extended family that includes teachers. I spent a number of years designing educational software and the specialized hardware for it. I developed seminars and workshops to engineering groups at regional technology companies. I have managed many large government projects and led many technical teams successfully. Additionally, I spent some time at District 46 as a volunteer until I was hired as interim Technology Coordinator. When the new Coordinator was hired, I was hired as Teaching Assistant working seven (7) very interesting years in a variety of capacities including Technology Assistant and Library Assistant. New knowledge is emerging in virtually every field and discipline on time scales which were, at one time, decades, are now years and, in many cases, months. Many technologies, driven by competition, are leaping ahead with new products emerging every few months. We must be knowledgeable to understand how to integrate this new knowledge via the new technologies, into our curricula. My unique background helps me to do just that. I am running for office with 3 other vested community members; Laura Barker, Margaret Ponga and Rick Salvo.
Independent | Crystal Lake
In the 10 years that I have been on the board, the quality of the education programs delivered continues to grow even as District 46 has become more fiscally sound. We have added all-day kindergarten at no cost to families, an Early Childhood Education program, RtI (Response to Intervention - to boost achievement for students who are starting to slip behind), Reading Recover, PBIS (for behavioral problems), MAPS testing, a stronger summer school program, and more technology in our classrooms. We continue to keep our class sizes low. Even though the state’s contributions are decreasing, I have pushed for balanced budgets and more effective use of funds so that local taxpayers receive the best value possible for their contributions. I have a Masters’ Degree in Education Curriculum and Instruction and I taught High School for several years, so I am also sensitive to the demands that are put on our staff to deliver great results. I have worked tirelessly to find a balance between delivering incredible services to our students and providing tools and compensation for our very hard-working qualified staff, while remembering that most of this is paid for by local property taxes.
Independent | Prairie Grove
As a board member for the past 8 years, I have gained an immense amount of expertise in all areas concerning board governance. Through actively working on the board and by attending numerous workshops on various topics, I acquired extensive knowledge in the areas of school finance, the budget process, educational practices, contract negotiations, school law and others. I know to ask the right questions and I am known to not back down under pressure. Most importantly, I do have a passion for education and a desire for academic excellence in our schools.
Independent | Crystal Lake
I have over 15 years of experience in Human Resource Management with both publicly traded companies and in the public sector. As the Manager of Human Resources for the Crystal Lake Park District; I have firsthand knowledge and experience working for the tax payers. I understand what it means and takes to represent the people of the District. My personnel and budgeting experience lend itself to make informed decisions on matters that affect the district and those that support it through taxes.
Independent | Lemont, Illinois
My husband, Mark, and I moved into the district in 1998 with our first born only 6 months old because we had heard Prairie Grove School had a good reputation and was smaller with a feel similar to a private school. Our son is now at Prairie Ridge HS and our daughters are in 8th grade and 4th grade at PG. My experiences at PG school include volunteer work to raise funds throughout the community for 56 classroom amplification systems; coordinate the necessary resources and funding to build a quarter mile walking path for the students and community; PTO president for 2 years; and many other fundraisers and service projects that gave me invaluable insight into the processes and needs of our school. As a working mom, my experiences at Motorola for the past 29 years have taught me that teamwork and teammates with diverse skills are the best way to tackle complex issues. In addition to a technical background and a career in service, I have strong communication skills; experience with negotiating large contracts; and have successfully led many teams throughout the years. I am running for office with 3 other vested community members; Laura Barker, John Bowman, and Rick Salvo.
Independent |
My wife (Mary) and I have lived in District 46 for 23 years. We have three children and have been active volunteers with Prairie Grove School for the past 14 years. We have a 19 year old daughter that enjoyed Prairie Grove very much. We also have a 6th and 7th grader currently attending. We have also organized yearly community events during the past 15 years for the Oakwood Hills Village. I am actively involved with coaching youth sports. The past four years with girls’ softball for CYB and before that youth football with the Jr. Wolves and Cary Trojans. I have a broad range of experience in Corporate Technology. During the past 33 years I have pioneered web technology, designed digital solution and worked with corporate litigation. I believe a team that has diverse members and even some conflict will ultimately provide our community with a balanced school board. That is why I am running for office with three other residents; Laura Barker, John Bowman and Margaret Ponga. The four of us have experience and confidence and we will make a difference.