McHenry County College Board of Trustees

Voting will take place Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Voters will be able to select three candidates in this race. The three candidates with the most votes will be elected.

Winner in this race will be elected for a term of 6 years.

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What experiences do you have that make you a good candidate for office?
Do you support the college’s long-term expansion plan? Explain.
Would you support freezing the college’s levy until housing prices rebound? Why or why not?
What one decision by the board do you most disagree with and why?
What was the biggest accomplishment of the board in the past year?
Outside of any issues already discussed, what one or two things would you try to accomplish if you are elected?
Independent | McHenry, IL
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Republican | Village of Lakewood
I am a concerned citizen who believes strongly in the community college system. I feel strongly that the taxpayers of Mc Henry County need a representative voice. I have spent most of my business career in the financial services sector in sales and sales management. I am a trained listener and problem solver.
Independent |
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Independent | Cary, IL
I’m in my eighth year of service on the Cary D-26 school board. I’ve been on the Policy Committee all eight years, and have been committee chair for six years. I’ve authored many “good governance” policies which will apply just as well at MCC as they have in D-26, including a policy that prohibits the district from incurring debt without voter approval. The one year I was chair of the D-26 Finance Committee, D-26 had its first balanced budget in several years. I made tough votes to close two D-26 schools -- D-26 had overbuilt, and it was the right thing to do. I’ve taken the Illinois Attorney General’s Open Meetings Act training, and understand and have experience with Roberts Rules of Order. Additionally, I have over 25 years of customer service and business experience, and training and experience in quality techniques such as Digital Six Sigma. I’ve been personally responsible for budgets as large as $12 million. I also have a long history of volunteer work within Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and D-26.
Independent |
Being fair and conservative has gotten me re-elected four times to the board. This leadership comes from experience in both education and business. Having been past chair and secretary has taught me to listen to the community before making decisions. The college is successful because the whole family of students, administration, staff and faculty function as a unit to bring the best possible classes & experience to our community.
Independent | Village of Lakewood
I believe what differentiates me as a candidate is that I bring both experience and a fresh perspective to the College Board of Trustees. I am entering my fourth year of volunteer service on the Friends of McHenry County College Foundation Board of Directors. I currently serve as the President and Executive Committee Chairman, following 2 years as the Treasurer and Finance Committee Chairman. This service has provided me with practical experience and insight regarding the college’s assets, as well as the institution’s current and future needs. As a newcomer to the Board of Trustees, I would also bring a fresh perspective, particularly as it relates to capital needs assessment and the opportunity to refocus any efforts to expand on private fund raising rather than taxpayer funding. Professionally, I am the President of Plexus Financial Services, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisory Firm that specializes in the fiduciary oversight of Corporate Retirement Plans. I hold certifications and licenses that reflect adherence to the prudent practices related to the Global Fiduciary Standards of Care, and along with my P&L responsibilities, illustrate the credentials and experience that comprise my qualifications to be a prudent fiduciary in the oversight of the college budget.
Independent | Crystal Lake
I have worked for twenty-two years at McHenry County College and in Chicago three years at Harold Washington (formerly Loop College). I think my familiarity with community colleges would give me a unique perspective on the Board. I feel passionately about the mission of community colleges and want to ensure MCC continues to play a vital role in our community and be a remarkable value for our students. I also have extensive volunteer involvement in our community and have demonstrated an ability to build positive relationships with community members. For these reasons, I feel that I’m a good candidate for the MCC Board of Trustees.
Independent |
Candidate has not yet answered question.
Other | McHenry, IL
I’m the only candidate in this race who currently teaches and if elected, would be the only active educator on the MCC board. MCC benefits from a board that includes people of different backgrounds and experiences. The board needs the perspective of educators. I’ve not only taught high school automotive classes for twenty-eight years, I also spent eight years in the private sector as a car and truck mechanic. I understand what skills and education employers look for and my mission is education that leads to good paying jobs. I also have the perspective of a taxpayer and resident, having lived in the county for fourteen years. I have two sons that graduated MCC and I teach many students at Crystal Lake South High School that go on to attend MCC. In addition to teaching, I spent a number of years as a mediator for the National Center for Dispute Settlement. I helped car customers and manufacturers come to agreement on how to solve issues relating to repeated car repairs. In today’s political environment, too often elected officials hold fast to their positions and do not look for ways to compromise. I’ve been in the room when there is a lot on the line and emotions run high. I’ve brought people together to find solutions that all parties can live with. It involves listening and keeping an open mind.