Johnsburg Village President

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As President and Administrator of my own business, I know how important Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability are. I am not a polished politician or one of the insiders. I will serve as President with Honor and integrity.
Independent | Johnsburg
In order to lead our community towards a bright and prosperous future, we need experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated leadership. Over the past four years I have led the Village, as its President, through a challenging economy. Today, we are a strong, connected community with a promising future. At my direction, the Village has furthered its fiscal policies and established the framework to provide for our long term needs. We’ve implemented new strategies like social media, to engage our citizens, keeping them informed and making certain the Village is easily accessible to address their questions and concerns. Prior to being elected President, I served as Village Trustee for 12 years. I have also held leadership positions in many community organizations and continue to be actively involved today. I have proven myself an open minded leader willing to listen and work hard on behalf of all of our citizens and the entire community of Johnsburg.