Fox Lake Village Clerk

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I am currently serving as Village Clerk and have spent the last year performing the functions of the position. I have the experience, training and certifications required to fill the position to its maximum potential. Additionally, my professional background includes over 15 years in Project Management. Project Management requires attention to detail, timeliness, communication, organization and bearing responsibility; skills which all support the demands required for the office of Village Clerk.
Other | Fox Lake
I have held the position secretary for Pack 455 for the past three years, and have the experience of seeing how important having agendas and minutes posted in an expedient time frame. I was also a past member of the Fox Lake Planning Commission which opened up to me the importance of being involved in local government. I have held jobs in businesses as a bookkeeper, and secretarial positions that afforded me experience in computers as well as in bookkeeping/accounting, records management and basic office management. I have dealt with phones and clients for these corporations with professionalism and a positive attitude. This gives me confidence that I can handle the statutory side of the clerk position.