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First, I am blessed to be the proud father of 5 daughters’ ages 19-6 years old and a wonderful wife Kathleen Killian McLaughlin of 21 years whose family has been in Barrington and Barrington Hills since 1969. I have enjoyed raising my children and volunteering my time working with various community athletic organizations and also I serve as a trustee at The Einstein Academy. Professionally I have owned, managed, and operated a Registered Investment Advisory Firm for many years. My primary responsibility in addition to operating a successful business is to oversee the investment of pension assets both public and private through some of the most turbulent times in history. As a named fiduciary on Police, Fire, and Municipal pension plans I have a unique background and experience working with leaders entrusted with public assets. I have had the privilege to work with individuals and boards, actuaries, and attorneys who ultimately must provide team solutions to the public. This coordination of interests and learning to work together for the common good has been invaluable. My primary role has been to provide sound planning and leadership in execution of complex strategies. Communicating difficult issues in a direct concise way to clients and individuals is an excellent primer for what I believe is currently needed in Barrington Hills. Listening well, understanding our neighbors concerns, and addressing them in an open direct and efficient manner is what is required to unite our community. I look forward to serving the community and would be honored and humbled to receive my neighbors vote on April 9th.