U.S. Representative - 16th District

Republican | Channahon
The President’s health care legislation simply writes a blank government check instead of working on controlling rising health care costs. We must focus on both short term costs to long term costs through preventative care. Seventy-five percent of our nation’s health care spending is tied to the treatment of chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Some treatment that is excluded from coverage now should be covered because it shifts the focus to disease prevention, leading to cost reductions through the management of chronic diseases. Secondly, I support the creation of Association or Small Business Health Plans - allowing groups of small employers to band together to increase purchasing power for their employees’ health insurance thereby receiving a more affordable rate. This would be a major step for people in small businesses or self-employed people to obtain affordable health coverage. Additionally, I fully support federal income tax deductibility for health insurance premiums, uniform medical records and reimbursement forms will also streamline the system and reduce administrative costs and I’d like to see Congress extend and expand individual Health Savings Accounts and enact tort reform. By implementing these types of reforms, we will see the cost of health costs decline.
Democrat | Ottawa
Congress needs to accept that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has been found constitutional and move forward. Continuing to hold votes in an attempt to repeal the ACA wastes valuable time and taxpayer dollars. Instead, Congress should work together in a joint effort to ensure people are receiving the healthcare they deserve. We must also make citizens aware of the ACA and educate them as to how the law benefits them. In addition, we must also hold non-compliant insurance companies accountable.