McHenry County Board District 1

Voting will take place Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voters will be able to select four candidates in this race. The four candidates with the most votes will be elected.

Winners in this race will determine legth of term following the election.

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Why are you running for McHenry County Board, and what qualifications do you bring to the office?
The County Board has resisted calls to make its chairmanship popularly elected. Now, a referendum has been placed on the November ballot that seeks to change the county to an executive form of government. What do you think about the referendum and the board’s resistance to allow voters decide whether they want to elect the board chairman at the ballot box?
Do you support county government using taxpayer money to lobby against state legislation that would have protected property taxpayers from tax increases in years when property values declined? Explain your answer.
The County Board is working this year to not collect the inflationary tax levy increase allowed under state law. Will you agree to support a freeze to the county’s levy again next year? Explain.
Given the obstacles a local couple have had with turning their vineyard into a winery, how business friendly would you say the County Board and county ordinances are? What changes would you seek if elected?
Outside of jobs and the economy, what is the biggest challenge facing voters in your district and how would you address it?
Republican | Ontario, Canada
My reasons for running for McHenry County Board have not changed since my first election. I have lived in McHenry County for thirty-six years; I have raised my family here and they have returned to McHenry County to raise their families. I am committed to ensuring the quality of life we enjoy and protecting the future for all McHenry County residents. The experiences garnered from thirty years as a small business owner, as well as my years as a public servant have provided me with the skills and knowledge to prove myself a strong advocate for my constituents.
Republican |
My years as a village trustee and County Board Member were productive and helpful to many people. My elected official knowledge, professional business and government consulting experience, and community involvement contribute to understanding issues that are important to people throughout the county. As a Board member, I will be in a position to assist more individuals and groups as I work to make wise budget, zoning, transportation, public safety , and other administrative decisions. I am a proven citizen advocate who believes in open communication, citizen participation, and decisions which are in the best short and long term interests of the residents.
Republican | Fox River Grove
I am running for re-election to the position because I care about the County we live in and hope to make a difference for the future generations. The Board needs members with a broader perspective of peoples needs and how to manage those needs in the current state of our economy. I have served on the Board and its various committees over the past four years and believe I have brought my knowledge, experience and basic common sense in a positive way to contribute to the county’s current state. My background in accounting, management and the law as well as my experience as a business owner allows for a more technical or educated approach to the tasks presented. Although I believe my basic common sense and unbiased approach which I apply when analyzing and voting on the issues presented gives me the ability to look at the needs of our citizens in order to best serve them.
Republican | Cary
I’m seeking a position on the McHenry County Board to make a difference in the growth and policy making of the County. My qualifications for the job come from my business back ground; Owner and operator of a successful construction company in the County for ten years. Then using those skills plus learning others as Director of Building, Planning and Zoning for the Village of Cary where I worked for the residents of Cary for 23 years.
Democrat | Algonquin Township
I am running for office because it is time that the people of our community hold their elected officials to a higher standard of ethical and responsible behavior. Our County Board is playing backroom politics, raising both salaries of elected officials and property taxes, and certain members are being investigated. McHenry County District One needs a new representative, who has integrity, and who will serve the people of McHenry County honestly and diligently. I am such a person, having lived and worked in McHenry County for the past 36 years, I have devoted many of those years to volunteer efforts in such organizations as the McHenry County Historic Preservation Commission, which I now chair. I hold a degree in Political Science and am current on the issues of McHenry County generally and District 1 in particular. I have never held public office before, and believe that I bring a fresh perspective to the Board. I strongly support transparent government and think that citizens must have access to both discussion and decisions made by their elected representatives. I believe county government has a responsibility to protect and care for the most vulnerable of its population and facilitate the best quality of life for all. I am a concerned and compassionate person who will work hard for a sustainable environment, fiscally sound local economy and secure future for all citizens.