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Carpentry Labor Estimator, R & D Thiel

Married, Lina L. Hettermann

Jason E. Hettermann

Hilary G. McAndrews

Chad E. Hettermann

On the Record

What experiences do you have that make you a good candidate for office?

In order to lead our community towards a bright and prosperous future, we need experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated leadership. Over the past four years I have led the Village, as its President, through a challenging economy. Today, we are a strong, connected community with a promising future. At my direction, the Village has furthered its fiscal policies and established the framework to provide for our long term needs. We’ve implemented new strategies like social media, to engage our citizens, keeping them informed and making certain the Village is easily accessible to address their questions and concerns. Prior to being elected President, I served as Village Trustee for 12 years. I have also held leadership positions in many community organizations and continue to be actively involved today. I have proven myself an open minded leader willing to listen and work hard on behalf of all of our citizens and the entire community of Johnsburg.

What are your top two or three priorities if elected?

If reelected, I will continue to serve our community in a manner that insures open and honest government that works in the best interest of our citizens. One of my top priorities is finding resources to support our strategic initiatives and meet our current and future budgetary requirements. Capital projects like building and maintaining roads, sewer, and water infrastructure are costly endeavors. Federal and State funding for these projects is limited. We need to establish revenues that support our current and long term sustainability without overburdening our residents and business owners. Another priority is to continue fostering strong working relationships with other governmental entities and community organizations in an effort to explore opportunities to work together to reduce costs and achieve positive outcomes.

Would you support freezing your taxing district’s levy until housing prices rebound? Why or why not?

I support reducing tax impacts to our citizens and am open to the concept of freezing taxing district levies so long as it does not prohibit communities from capturing tax dollars resulting from new growth. If levy rates are simply frozen and consideration is not given to new development, the community will be robbed of valuable tax dollars derived from new growth which will have a negative impact on existing property owners. All taxing districts need to look closely at how they can best help their constituents. Sound financial management and conservative spending has always been the Village’s practice. An across the board approach or freezing only one revenue item may not be the best solution. Yearly budget reviews and designating revenue streams to support specific spend categories are crucial to responsible fiscal planning.

What one decision by the village board do you most disagree with and why?

Recently the Village Board was asked to consider taking action to place a referendum question on the upcoming ballot asking voters whether or not the Village Clerk’s position should be elected. The Board spent much time discussing and debating the subject. While I support the final board decision, I do not support some of the points raised in consideration of the matter. The Village attorney produced specific statute and case law to explain why the Village Board did not have the legal authority to place the question on the ballot. The statute clearly states that the only means to place the question on the ballot is through a voter initiated referendum. I support our elector’s rights to circulate such a petition and place the question on the ballot. I do not however support the notion that the Village’s elected officials can go above the law and take action for which they have no legal authority. I cannot support an action that would have illegally placed the question on the ballot, but I would support the decision of the voters if a petition is circulated and a future election results in creating an elected clerk’s position.

What was the biggest accomplishment of the board in the past year?

The Village Board accomplished much this past year. Using State and Federal grant money we were able to extend a key piece of infrastructure that will help bring affordable sewer treatment to more than 400 homes and businesses. Partnering with our local businesses as advertising sponsors, the Village is able to once again distribute the quarterly newsletter through the mail to every household and business, an important step in our efforts to further communications. While these are both important accomplishments, I would say the most exciting achievement this past year was the acquisition of property at the corner of Church Street and St. Johns Avenue. This parcel was the last key piece needed to pursue the future realignment of Church Street, an important component to our downtown planning. Upon acquiring this property, we were able to reclassify the roadway so that it is now eligible for grant funding. This is a project that has been 20 years in the making and one that will greatly benefit our community.

Why should voters elect you to office?

Voters can feel confident in re-electing me as their village president based on my qualifications, experience and long time dedication to our community as a volunteer leader and elected official. Serving on the board for 16 years, the past four as Village President, I am knowledgable in Village business, its operations, and what is required to lead our community in the days and years ahead. As a lifelong resident of Johnsburg I have the historical perspective of how far we’ve come from our early days of incorporation with Sunnyside, and an appreciation for how far we have yet to go. During my years of service I worked hard to advance our strategic initiatives and have forged relationships with people both within and outside the Village to achieve results. Our challenges for the next four years are not that different than they were four years ago. As we continue to work together to protect our environment, manage our growth, support our businesses, enhance our school district and improve our infrastructure and transportation services, we need a leader with a proven track record. I believe I am that person.

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