James Tomasello





Landscape/ Property Management, Tomasellos Landscaping

Married, Carrie Tomasello

Tyler Tomasello, 17

Brandon Tomasello, 17

Tommy Tomasello, 9

On the Record

What experiences do you have that make you a good candidate for office?

My experience as a leader in various capacities such as with the Boy Scouts of America along with working with councils and committees from numerous development based organizations, this allows me to be an open minded and thoughtful leader. I am able to work collectively to make actionable decisions that are fair, honest and in the best interest of the parties involved. Additionally, I have been a small business owner locally since 1990 employing many full time and part time employees. I am very aware of what it takes to run a profitable venture and not on the backs of my customers. I have built long lasting relationships in partnership with my customers and my employees by being honest, fair and reasonable.

What are your top two or three priorities if elected?

My top priorities if elected would be focused on listening to various perspectives that the citizens have about concerns or issues. I want to be sure that all citizens’ voices are heard and evaluated, especially if they take the initiative to express those concerns. Too often it seems that the focus is only on the ability to pacify council members without a willingness to fairly examine legitimate points of view brought up by concerned citizens (which may actually represent that majority). I also intend to make a priority to be pragmatic in our spending and ask fundamental questions about whether it is really a needed expenditure we need to make or should it be money we don’t spend with an end goal of reduction of taxes for all citizens. Finally, looking at some of our capital improvements made and being proposed to our growing infrastructure should be determined. Looking at the maintenance spent on these improvements which will fundamentally help save money down the road and help curtail accelerated replacement cycles.

Would you support freezing the city\'s property tax levy until housing prices rebound? Why or why not?

I don’t believe freezing the property tax levy makes sense because we’re simply holding it to what may still be an overly inflated view. We ought to be looking at right sizing the tax levy based upon real valuation of the properties and we may have to adjust our spending to do more with less that would be in accordance with the real valuation of the properties.

What one decision by the city council do you most disagree with and why?

The one decision by the city council that I most disagree with are the closed door meetings without transparency to the residents to the debate that is occurring which has implications to the residents. We should be striving for a transparent government even if there are hotly contested issues being dealt with.

What was the biggest accomplishment of the city council in the past year?

The biggest accomplishment would have to be the opening of Three Oaks Recreation Center to the public in regards to outdoor activities. The community is always looking for and needing outdoor activities to keep their selves entertained and this is a perfect opportunity for everyone to enjoy. The Three Oaks Recreation Center has created a lot of incredible opportunities to people within the community. It is an atmosphere we can definitely appreciate and that will promote healthy lifestyles. Three Oaks also helps to implement a safe haven for young children, teens and families. The atmosphere and environment that the recreation park provides is an additional tool and resource for the learning of children that extends far beyond the walls of their normal school classroom. The affordable, low cost fees that come along with affiliated programs offered with in the park are a great resource for revenue for the city - I think that we can continue to expand the programs that are offered to all who choose to take advantage of this great place.

Why should voters elect you to office?

Voters should consider me as a qualified representative to appear as a voice for them within the City of Crystal Lake by electing me. I aim to help ensure that their tax dollars are used for useful services and investments within the community. I want them to know that investments we make will benefit all the citizens of Crystal Lake in a way that promotes true growth that is of value to all of us and sensible. As a homeowner I am well invested in the ways in which spending is allocated and want to make sure that the decisions that are made are in the best interest of all community members. I feel obligated to represent the ideas and values of those in our community because the outcome of my decision making doesn’t just affect them, it will ultimately affect myself, my wife and my young children. Crystal Lake is a community I love, and a community that is worth investing in.