Paul Mulcahy





Retired, USPostal Service


On the Record

What experiences do you have that make you a good candidate for office?

I have been a Village Trustee for 10 of the last 15 years and Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission for 5 years. I am also the founder of the Summer Sunset Festival and it’s Committee Chairman for the first 10 years. I understand where the Village was 15 years ago, where it is today, and where it needs to go tomorrow.

What are your top two or three priorities if elected?

We must continue the professional, fiscally responsible approach to Village Government that we have taken the last several years. Economic development must be a priority, and developing a solid plan for the future of the Village is also necessary.

Would you support freezing your taxing district’s levy until housing prices rebound? Why or why not?

The Village Board has reduced the tax levy in Lake in the Hills for 2 consecutive years. So, no, I would not freeze the levy, I would work to continue the fiscal approach we are already taking with the goal of further reducing the levy.

What one decision by the village board do you most disagree with and why?

There has been no major decision in recent memory that I disagree with, and I will, as Village President, work to build consensus among the Board.

What was the biggest accomplishment of the board in the past year?

The reduction of the tax levy for the second consecutive year.

Why should voters elect you to office?

I have the experience and have demonstrated, on the Village Board, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and the Summer Sunset Festival Committee the leadership abilities necessary to be the next Village President.

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