Lowell Cutsforth




Fox River Grove

Master's Degree, Engineering

Engineering, Retired

Married, Mary Ann

2 Adult Daughters

On the Record

What experiences do you have that make you a good candidate for office?

I have served four terms on the Algonquin Township Board. This service has educated me on local government budgets, levies and all aspects of township government. I also served on the Fox River Grove Board of Education for sixteen years. I am very familiar with budgets and levies in the local government venue.

What are your top two or three priorities if elected?

My top priority is to maintain our cost effective township government. I am committed to maintaining the essential services we provide; such as senior transportation. Finally, I will be encouraging better communication between the township and our township residents. We need to make them aware of all the services available to them.

Would you support freezing your taxing district\\\\\\\'s levy until housing prices rebound? Why or why not?

The township board has frozen levies for the past two years. We were able to do this through careful stewardship of the township funds. I certainly support this direction until the housing market recovers.

What one decision by the township board do you most disagree with and why?

While there were no major decisions made by the board that I disagreed with there were minor policy decisions that I did not support.

What was the biggest accomplishment of the board in the past year?

I believe the greatest accomplishment of the board in the last year was to continue to provide Algonquin Township residents the exemplary services they have come to expect while holding the line on tax increases and maintaining a balanced budget. We were able to freeze the levies for the past two years without compromising current programs.

Why should voters elect you to office?

I bring thirty six years of public service to the office I am seeking. I have conducted all thirty six of those years with integrity, dedication and conscientiousness. As the trustee on the board with the most service I am prepared to use my experience to continue to preserve the strong financial condition of our township while balancing the needs of the township’s property owners.

Cutsforth's Current Race

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